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Helping teachers to help students!

GoToLearnís Diagnostic Plus provides teachers with a tool to identify studentsí weaknesses at the sub-skill level. The Diagnostic Plus reporting package allows teachers and administrators to view results by campus, teacher, class, student, and/or skill level for RTI and AYP requirements.

Federal education reform, commonly referred to as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), requires every state to have a standardized testing program as well as an evaluation system to make schools accountable for the education of each child in their care.

Developed from national standards and mapped to state expectations, GoToLearnís products are research-based and proven to work.

The GoToLearn diagnostic assessments and tutorials focus on teaching core concept skills (math, science, social studies, English language arts). A solid foundation in basic skills enables students to succeed. Developing analysis and problem solving abilities has proven to be the path to understanding.

GoToLearn's assessments identify areas of weakness for an individual student, class, school and/or district. This knowledge helps administrators and teachers to effectively plan instruction that will focus on the needs of the students.

The tutorials help students understand concepts and take them through the steps to solve the problems. Often more than one way to solve a problem is offered. Many tutorials explain not only the correct answer, but also offer explanations as to why certain answers are incorrect.

While emphasizing the building of skills, problems are presented in formats similar to standardized test formats to familiarize students with the look and feel of those tests.

Covering elementary, middle and high school grades, GoToLearn provides solutions to improving skills (and scores) to a wide range of students. Use the DEMOS menu above to select content demos mapped to math, science, social studies and English language arts standards.

Note that all products are available in our exclusive dual-language (English/Spanish) format.

Much of our content is developed by teachers with years of classroom experience. GoToLearn's assessments and tutorials have been tested and modified so that they can provide the best opportunity for your student to achieve the necessary skills.

Select Diagnostic Plus from the DEMOS menu to see information on the online, database product. Diagnostic Plus has the same great content as the CD product but adds greater test creation flexibility and increased reporting functions.

Contact us for a personal demo. See the contact information at the bottom of this page.

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