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Diagnostic Plus minimum system requirements

The GoToLearn TM Diagnostic Plus product is web browser based and hosted by a major web hosting company. It is designed to run on most common web browsers. We intentionally maintain a minimal footprint and do not require flash players or special plug-ins to function successfully.

You can see by the list below that computers purchased in the mid nineties are capable of running our software. Computers with the minimums listed have been proven to run our software. If you run our software on configurations of lesser amounts, please let us know.

PC (MS Windows)* Macintosh
Operating System MS Windows 98 or newer. MacOS 8.1 or newer.
MacOS X 10.2 or newer.
Processor Pentium 120MHz or faster
or AMD
or equivalent.
PowerPC 80MHz or faster.
Memory 24 MB or higher. 32 MB or higher.
Web Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer,
Netscape 6.2.2 or newer,
Mozilla 1.7 or newer,
Firefox 1.0 or newer,
Opera 8.0 or newer.

JavaScript must be enabled.
Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer,
Netscape 6.2.2 or newer,
Firefox 1.0 or newer,
Safari 1.0.2 or newer.

JavaScript must be enabled.
Connection speed
(Internet access)
A DSL modem achieving 384Kbps or faster. Dial-up is not recommended, although, it does work.
Authorization Based on your Internet access security policy, you may have to add to your whitelist.
Server There are no in-house server requirements.
Network Computers must have access to the Internet to use this product.

* Unix, Linux, Lindows, and other Non-Macintosh computers should be capable of running our product with any web browser that is equal or newer than those listed above.

Specific older configurations tested include:
  • MS Windows 98, Intel Pentium 120MHz, 24MB Memory, Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Mac OS 8.1, PowerPC 80MHz, 32 MB Memory, Internet Explorer 5.0
  • Mac OS 9.1, Umax500, 56 MB Memory, Internet Explorer 5.1.7