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About Us:

GoToLearn's mission is to develop the highest quality educational assessments, tutorials and software, enabling students and teachers to maximize their potential.


Focusing on Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Fundamentals and with a dedication to Special needs and ESL (English as a Second Language) needs, GoToLearn seeks to make a difference in education and fulfill the President's initiative that "no child be left behind".


GoToLearn headquarters is located in
Plano, Texas 75075
See the bottom of the page for contact information.

Our Story:

GoToLearn's roots go back to the early '90s, when Sally Philipp was contracted to design and develop a teacher's guide for a Texas history CD. While researching requirements, she discovered that there was also a critical need for bilingual, ESL (English as a Second Language), and Special Education tutorials and software.

When she interviewed teachers they told her that they were rarely consulted about their classroom requirements. The research and needs analysis resulted in the development of an effective tool to aid the teachers in their work.

In 2001, Ms. Philipp and other business associates decided to use their business experience (as writers, teachers, software developers), to work with educators to develop educational products that would make a difference for the children.

Their decision to focus their careers on meaningful work that would benefit children already left behind was the basis for the formation of GoToLearn. Most of the year 2001 was spent doing research in the areas of Math, ESL, Special Education, testing and tutorials for standardized tests.

The dedication of more than 30 people over the past few years has fueled the decision to endeavor to put the best Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer tutorials in the hands of those who most need them.

With the services of the industry's best at our disposal, GoToLearn has taken the president's directive, and will leave no child behind.